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Discover how Akeneo and Aprimo are leading the way in delivering a truly composable experience, revolutionizing Product Experience Management (PXM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM).

Openness and innovation lie at the heart of the Akeneo and Aprimo solutions. With Akeneo's innovative approach, customers can effortlessly configure and integrate their PIM solution, creating a tailored ecosystem of features, connectors, and extensions that evolve with their business. Aprimo's flexible DAM platform empowers customers to construct personalized solution, designing workflows, metadata structures, and distribution channels that perfectly match their unique needs.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, agility and adaptability are paramount. With our approach to composable technology, Akeneo and Aprimo enable you to take full control of your experience strategy in an ever-changing environment.

Aprimo & Akeneo Solution Brief

Akeneo App Store: Aprimo Integration

"We’re thrilled to welcome Aprimo as a newly accredited member of the MACH Alliance. As a pioneer in content operations, it is important to have them join forces to advocate for the power of open and integrated technology that helps organizations unlock revenue and future-proof their operations."

Kristin Naragon
Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Akeneo

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