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Content Ops and the Rise of Generative AI: The Fuel for Customer Experience Transformation

Watch the webinar to learn how Aprimo's AI innovation is driving ground-breaking changes in marketing, from content creation to product development. We'll delve into the world of generative AI, define what it is and isn't, and explore the many technical, ethical, and organizational challenges surrounding it, as well as how businesses can overcome them. 

Led by Aprimo CPO Kevin Souers and VP of Product Marketing Felicia Newhouse, this can't-miss session will highlight Aprimo's differentiating AI features in the platform today and showcase our new ChatGPT integration. 
We’ll touch on exciting developmental focus areas such as content creation, discovery, governance, brand security, and more. We’ll also discuss the importance of your partner ecosystem and the integrations that reflect the best applications of generative AI in a composable content operations stack. 
Don't miss your chance to get a taste of tomorrow, today. Watch now! 



Kevin Souers
CPO, Aprimo


Felicia Newhouse
VP of Product Marketing, Aprimo

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