Composable Heroes

We aim to inspire companies to explore composable architecture and AI for engaging their audience. The Composable Heroes project embodies the limitless potential of forward-thinking businesses and showcases innovative technology applications through an imaginative experience. For more on AI-powered interactive experiences, visit the link below.

"Unleashing the power of composability has just become even easier. We are delighted to see our cutting-edge Partner of the Year, Aprimo, join the MACH Alliance, the most influential neutral institution in the tech space. Together, we will continue to push the envelope of possibilities to create the best possible digital experiences with and for our customers."

Todd Rathje
CRO at Contentstack

Better Together

As a MACH Alliance founder, Contentstack shapes the industry agenda for open, composable technology. Together, Contentstack and Aprimo bring digital experiences to the forefront so you can:

  • Marry content and customer strategy across all channels
  • Empower cross-team collaboration
  • Create exceptional, on-brand content experiences at scale

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