Aprimo delivers a comprehensive, end-to-end MRM solution

Explore what makes Aprimo the ultimate game-changer in the MRM category, where innovation meets marketing coordination and ROI excellence. All of our capabilities across marketing performance and spend earn top marks, ensuring you stay miles ahead of the competition.

“Aprimo’s robust MRM suite gives customers a full gamut of financial planning and budgeting, project and resource management, and content planning and production capabilities. Organically-built money management is rare for vendors in this category, but Aprimo delivers."

Aprimo reigns supreme with the highest scores across crucial criteria like Security and Governance, Innovation Roadmap, Partner Ecosystem, and Commercial Model.

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The entire marketing operations team can focus on doing what they do best

Aprimo takes care of the boring, so the design team can focus on the fun.

- Glenn Hom, Marketing Operations Director, Pacific Life


Significant workflow flexibility and effective marketing work management

Aprimo allows us significant flexibility in developing our campaign workflows, affording us the ability to both streamline our work as well as report on how we're doing against our key performance indicators.

- Mike MacLaverly, Director-Marketing Management, AT&T


Increased efficiency with Aprimo’s intelligent automation capabilities

Supporting an audit request using our antiquated approval systems could take up to three weeks. With Aprimo, we can perform that same task within minutes.

- Alejo Marugán, Director of Marketing Program Management, Union Bank

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